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How will I receive my prize?

It can be used right away or found in your account under "My Prizes"

Can I refer friends who are already members of the platform?

The friend signing up must be new to the Each Person platform.

How do I become a premium member?

Upgrade your account by going into your account area within the shop.

How many spins do premium members get on the prize wheel?

As a premium member you and your friend will both receive 2 spins on the prize wheel for each successful referral.

What are the prizes on the prize wheel?

These include various discounts which can be used to make purchases in our shop and other exciting offers

How does the referral process work?

Simply, share your referral link with your friend which will direct them to our sign up platform. You will both be rewarded with a spin on the prize wheel.

How many friends can I refer in a month?

You can referrer maximum of 5 friends per month.

What is the "Refer a Friend" program?

By using a unique referral link both the referrer and the referee gets an opportunity to spin a prize wheel.