What happens after I order?

Our intention always is to deliver as quickly as possible, however, you will be subject to an approval process within your organisation before this can happen. We keep you updated throughout the order process regard

What the Benefits of this scheme?

Spread the cost on a huge range of technology from the best brands. There are no credit checks, deposits or upfront costs and you can make savings of up to 13.25% on National Insurance (through a salary sacrifice arrangement).

What happens if I leave my employer?

If you did leave your employer for any reason including redundancy or dismissal or if you decide to voluntarily take unpaid leave before the end of the agreement period, you will be required to pay a termination fee, which will be the remaining balance of the equipment. Further information specific to you, your scheme and the products chosen will be found on the employee agreement.

Can I Change my Monthly Spend Limit and Repayment Terms?

No, your monthly spend limit and the repayment terms are set by your employer before the scheme goes live. The agreed terms will be the same for every eligible employee.

Do I own the equipment chosen through the scheme?

Ownership of the equipment is transferred to you on day one. At the end of the agreement, your salary reduction will cease and your salary will return to its previous amount.