How can we help?

How can I donate a tree?

From your Each Person Dashboard click on ‘Donate’ in the left hand menu. Select how many trees you would like to donate & simply click the ‘Donate’ button!

How can I look back over all the ecards I have received?

From your Each Person Dashboard simply click on ‘My History’ and enjoy basking in all the reasons you have been recognised!

How can I see the message in my ecard?

Two easy options here! Either click the link in your email notification or log in to your Each Person account and select ‘My History’ From here click on ‘View ecard’ next to the one you wish to read.

How do I send an ecard?

This can be done by accessing your Each Person account and selecting "Recognise/Reward".

How much are Epoints worth?

Every 200 Epoints is equivalent to £1.

How can I earn Epoints?

They can awarded to you by your workplace and you can earn up to 20% cash back on your purchases through EachPerson Shop.

How can I contact Each Person?

You can reach out to us via contact form, email or our phone line.

How is my personal information stored and used by Epoints?

We look after your data with the utmost care and do everything possible to protect it. We will never share any personal information that you provide to us with any third parties.

How can I get an account with you?

Ask your manager if Each Person is your workplace's Employee Recognition and Award Povider.

Who do I contact to talk about my account if I am a manager or superadmin of my company/department?

Please contact your Customer Success Manager or our Support Team