How do I set up a Salary Sacrifice?

All you need to do is fill in the form and we’ll facilitate the entire process. This involves setting up childcare payments through the company payroll, and then arranging for the correct sums to be transferred to the childcare provider. We’ll support the administrative process and liaise with the provider.

Does the scheme work for more than One Child?

Yes! Any children up to the age of 5 can be covered by this scheme.

How much will I save as a Parent and Employee?

Your precise saving will depend on how much you earn and the amount you pay in childcare fees. By taking those fees directly from your salary, you will pay less Income Tax and National Insurance.

Do I need to be Employed?

One parent needs to be in paid employment, because our scheme works through salary sacrifice. Deductions for childcare fees have to be via your employer’s payroll.